I recently made a trip down to Seattle and was invited for dinner to Sawyer.

Just a couple of months old Sawyer is located in Ballard right by the water. In a building that used to be a sawmill, Sawyer boasts high ceilings and a stunning open space concept – including an enclosed patio and gorgeous bar!

I’d heard word of Sawyer before, but really had no expectations coming into this restaurant. Started with drinks which were not only pretty, but delicious too!

As I said I had no expectations going in, so we ordered a variety from the menu.
LET ME TELL YOU! Chef Mitch Mayers definitely knows what he is doing!
We started with:

Pretzel Pain D’epi w/ Queso Sauce

The House Salad – rotisserie chicken, goat cheese, dates, almonds, cornbread croutons, tarragon vin

House Lemon Ricotta – spiced drunken pears, kings garden apples, walnuts, grapes, sorrel (I don’t see many dishes like these and so I was VERY impressed)

Next up we ordered:

Oxtail Nachos – salsa roja, pickled onions, cotija cheese, radish

Spot Prawns Mantelote – bacon, matsutake mushrooms, fines herbs, garlic croutons

Wood-Grilled Halibut – Thai green curry, root veg, ember roasted pineapple, peanuts, mint (highly recommend this dish!)

Lastly I had to leave this one separate from the others because it’s a dish so perfectly catered to me. I died a couple of times eating this and it’s probably the best dish I’ve had within the last couple of years.

Rotisserie Porchetta – house flat bread, assorted sauces and pickles

You start by taking some of the porchetta and place it into the house made brioche flat bread. Then you add the sauces and pickled veggie that come with.
Next you take a bite and close your eyes because you will go through a spiritual journey of tastes and sensations. HEAVEN!

Rotisserie Porchetta
Rotisserie Porchetta

And of course there’s always room for dessert!

Dilly Bars – cookie dough semifreddo, Theo chocolate magic shell (this is brilliant!)

Dilly Bars

All in all had an INCREDIBLE experience at Sawyer and I’m already looking forward to my trip back to Seattle so I can hit this spot up again!


5309 22nd Ave NW
Seattle, Washington
Instagram: @sawyer.seattle


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