World’s Best Meatballs

Not that I’m a meatball connoisseur, but I will say I know my way around balls!
I had to find out why this restaurant claims to have “famous meatballs” and why their recipe is sought around the world!

The Masonry is a wood-fired pizza shop in Seattle boasting a large selection of craft beers on tap with options for everyone. There are two locations to visit, one in Fremont and the other in Lower Queen Anne.
Recently they’ve launched a brunch menu with classic food features like biscuits and gravy, brioche French toast, TWO breakfast pizzas (think scrambled eggs and maple syrup on your pizza), and included in the launch are drink features like their Hot Cinnamon Toddy or the Basil Rosé.
Then of course, there’s the meatballs.

Breakfast Pizza #1 – olive oil, garlic, fontina, bacon, scrambled egg, cherry tomato, maple syrup
Biscuits & Gravy – buttermilk biscuit, Italian sausage gravy, bacon, side of potatoes, fried egg

Here they describe their meatballs as “so tender… a little spicy,” and they’re not wrong.
Juicy round balls of perfection, nestled in a bowl of spicy tomato sauce. Great heat level to compliment the spices used in the meat.
When asked what makes them so famous, Chef Adam responded that the meatballs are requested not only in and around the United States, but around the world. Even making their way to Japan!

Meatballs have been an Italian tradition for a long time, and served solo is how you would find them in Italy. Served on spaghetti is a North American conception that would make a proud Italian cringe! I say whether it’s the world’s best or from an IKEA food court – let them eat balls!

Biscuits & Gravy, Caesar Salad, Meatballs

The Masonry
Lower Queen Anne
20 Roy St.

730 N 34th St.

Instagram: @themasonrypizza


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