Salt Tasting Room

On a cold December’s night I found myself in the middle of the creepiest back alley properly name Blood Alley. Tightly pulling my jacket closed I stumbled upon a cheery little wine bar to warm me up.

Salt Tasting Room features hand selected wines from across the globe, meaning there’s no doubt you’ll find a choice suited just for you. Make it a flight of three wines and pair it with a charcuterie plate. They have a great selection of meats and cheeses available daily! My favourites being the blue and goat cheeses!


While we were enjoying our libations, a lively group came in and sat down beside us. After a couple of exchanged greetings we found out that they were part of a wine tour visiting different bars and pubs, including Salt’s sister pub The Irish Heather.
While The Irish Heather can get pretty rowdy in the evening, Salt stays upscale and calm. Definitely my kind of scene when I want to grab drinks (non-alcoholic options available)  and nibbles after a long work day!


Whether you’re looking for a intimate date spot, a night out with friends, or just parading around on a wine tour, there’s a place for you here!

Salt Tasting Room
45 Blood Alley Square
Vancouver, Canada
Instagram: @salttastingroom


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