Poutine Food Crawl

Food crawls are definitely one of my most favourite (and most fulfilling) activities. From cupcakes to pumpkin spice, milkshakes to brussels sprouts, I love me a good, featured food feast!

My latest foodventure? Poutine.

10 locations, 11 poutines, 4 mouths to feed. Let me tell you the best and worst Vancouver had to offer!

STOP #1 – Spud Shack

Stop 1
“Buffalo Chicken” (left) “The Big V” (right). I LOVE this place in general. Usually, I’d just order fries (always so crispy and salty) and dips, but this is a themed crawl. The Buffalo Chicken is solid, while the Big V was a misorder and not exactly  what I would choose to eat.

STOP #2 – Belgian Fries

Stop 2
“Butter Chicken Poutine” Good flavour, not enough sauce so it got dry and generic fast. Fries are usually very decent.

STOP #3 – Hey, Dumplings! (Pop-up)

Stop 3
“Dumpling Poutine” Heard about this place last minute and WE HAD to go cause I knew that fries were gonna get old fast. Heather creates these treats right before your eyes, it doesn’t get fresher than this. A mix of potato dumplings and meat dumplings (I preferred the lightness and taste of the meat ones) with gravy and cheese curds on top. Soft to the bite and the flavours are heavenly. I’m begging you to check out this pop-up! (My fave pick)

STOP #4 – What’s Up? Hot Dog!

Final Hotdog
“Mac n’ Cheese Poutine” We were sent here by Heather at Hey, Dumplings! Loved the walk down memory lane as we chewed classic KD style mac n’ cheese. The fries are okay, topped with the noodles (and gravy and curds) becomes a soggy mess which may be quintessential for this dish. I’d prefer something crispy and light to combat the heavy. My personal recommendation would be to see if the kitchen could elevate this dish and make this poutine on top What’s Up’s fresh and delicious Waffle Fries.

STOP #5 – Bestie

Stop 5
“Currywurst” w/ Turkey Sausage. It’s essentially a poutine so we had to get it. Bestie’s never does me wrong. The sauce and meat really help cut through the fries – which when you’re eating 10+ poutines gets to be HEAVY!

STOP #6 – Fritz European Fry House

Stop 6
“Pulled Pork Poutine” w/ Fritessaus and WAR Sauce. It was a decent pulled pork poutine. Not much stood out other than the sauces which I LIVE for!

STOP #7 – La Belle Patate

Stop 7
“Maple Bacon Poutine” Apparently their biggest competition is Fritz. Well this poutine knocked Fritz out of the park! It’s very basic, except the maple in the bacon added a tender sweetness which stepped this poutine up!

STOP #8 – Mean Poutine

Stop 8
“Mama’s Mean Meatballs” Okay, I was expecting the most from this place. I wish there had been more meatballs and I wish this hadn’t been so dry.

STOP #9 – Dunn’s

Stop 9
“Dunn’s Poutine” with their famous Montreal smoked meat. Maybe it was because we were near the end of our crawl, but one bite from this poutine was enough. Mild flavour, loads of meat, nothing special.

STOP #10 – Smoke’s Poutinerie

Stop 10
“Hangover Poutine” We literally had poutine hangovers at this point and after the last two stops I thought we were down and out. I squirted ketchup onto the bacon-and-egg-laden potatoes and we dug right in unexpectedly pleased!

All in all it was a good time! I’m looking forward to the next crawl – hopefully something lighter. Salads?



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