Plant Based Food Crawl

I have a friend that is vegetarian and a friend that is lactose intolerant so we decided to go on a Vegan food crawl around the city searching for great food at plant based eateries. I was NOT disappointed in the slightest – here’s what we ate!

STOP #1 – The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

Final 1
Turmeric Ginger Latte, Croissant, Organic “Nama” Shoyu Ramen. EVERYTHING was good! The latte was everything I wanted it to be (including the cutest pastel yellow mug). Croissant was flaky and tender. The ramen lacked nothing to miss that a regular pork broth ramen offers. I’m thoroughly impressed.

STOP #2 – Virtuous Pie

Final 2 part 2
“The Med” with Baba Ganoush, Falafel, Feta, Red Pepper, and Olives. Crispy crust, good flavour (AND DIP), and the vegan cheese is incredible. I personally love Virtuous Pie. I’d also recommend checking out their ice cream. The Turmeric Black Pepper is unexpected and delightful!

STOP #3 – The Arbor

Final 3
“Pumpkin Bread Pudding” While my friends got some sides (Pulled Jack-Fruit Steamed Buns, Artichoke Nuggets) I opted for a dessert option. Everything was decent, nothing really stood out except that we kept debating which part of the dessert was salty. p.s. If you come here I’d recommend the Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich!

STOP #4 – Veggiebowl

Final 4
“Green Papaya Salad” It’s fresh, sweet, light, and soooo filling! Veggiebowl upped their game by having a Soy Jerky sprinkled all over top! I cannot express how much I enjoyed this version of one of my all time favourite dishes! I would stop by just to get this again!

STOP #5 – Cartems Donuterie

Final 5
Of course we ended off with something so basic and simple! I can’t believe how easy it is for Cartems to put out Vegan donut options. About half of their menu is just organically plant based and it’s wicked. We got the (top to bottom) Passion Berry Stuffy, Smoked Maple Walnut, and Cherry Cola. I swear by the cake donuts, but always find the stuffys to be hit and miss. Dough is delicious but flavours aren’t always there!

At the end of the day we were all stuffed. We departed with vows of a second round, with new options, sometime soon – open to any recommendations!






2 thoughts on “Plant Based Food Crawl

    1. Girl! I totally feel you!! I’m not so sure about that soy jerky in my Papaya salad, but everything else just used nuts or veggies as a substitute and that was pretty ingenious!

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