Eat Joe Pizza

Pizza is pie in its most Godly form.
So yesterday a new pizza place called Joe Pizza opened up in town so, with it being Valentines Day and all, I took my friend on a date there to experience the greatness that is pizza.

The pizza is on a focaccia style crust, the ingredients are very fresh, and the restaurant vibe is chill and inviting. They also have a charming way of calling out your order (move aside Starbucks)!
With gluttony being the driving force I ordered and tried three different kinds:

Mr. Chop – essentially a classier ham & pineapple pizza w/ jalapeños – so fancy
Quebec Style – with both pepperoni and sausage this one is sure to get the popularity vote among meat lovers
Funguy – I had a mushroom craving, add onions and kale pesto, and you’ve created my new current fave pizza

I left that day satisfied, but with an instant craving for more.
See you real soon Joe!

Joe Pizza
2 West Cordova St.
Vancouver, Canada



2 thoughts on “Eat Joe Pizza

  1. Went there tonight and it was empty. Hard to stomach $7 for a pre sliced piece of pizza… 00 a few minutes’ walk away is half the price and doing the same thing. Don’t really think this concept is going to fly. Nothing looked appetizing, just dough drying out since pieces were already cut.

    1. Oh dang!! That sucks dude! I went when it first opened in the morning and everything was super fresh! I was really into the crust, but that’s my preference!
      What’s your fave local pizza place?

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