The Pie Hole

This may very well be my favourite pie place in Vancouver!

Jenell has been selling her pies (both traditional and handheld) at different shops around town, and now has also just opened her own brick and mortar store on Fraser Street. Inside you can find pies of all kinds (vegan options too) including the savoury hand held pies.
The Cheeseburger, encompassing all the tastes and nostalgia of a classic burger, has to be my all time fave!

On this trip I tried:

Moroccan Chickpea Hand Held – the flavours are pretty solid in this one. You honestly can’t go wrong with the savoury options, but I strongly (I’m begging you!) suggest you get the Cheeseburger pie.
Blueberry Cream – I’m not a fan of blueberries, yet I couldn’t stop eating this one. You feel like it’s a bit healthy since there’s fruit in it, but you’re thrilled it’s dessert cause it’s delicious!
Whoopie Pie – your traditional soft chocolate (almost cake like) exterior filled with cream. Definitely not my thing, but I can’t argue that these were fresh.

I’m already looking forward to a return trip so I can scarf down on more pies – maybe with a scoop of ice cream. CHOICES!!!

The Pie Hole
3497 Fraser St.

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