Museum of Ice Cream

Last week I had the pleasure of getting to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles with my long time bestie, Maya.
I heard about it via one of those Insider videos people loooooove to share on Facebook. Checking out the website I realized that tickets were almost sold out so I quickly snagged some. Tickets are now officially sold out all the way into August!!
FYI your ticket is for a specific entrance time so don’t think you can just buy a ticket and show up whenever you want.

I had REALLY high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.
Each room contained a different dessert or colour theme. With photo opportunities and food samples around every corner.

Speaking of samples, let me tell you what I ate:

McConnell’s Earl Grey Biscuit Ice Cream
My/Mo Mint Chocolate Chip Mochi Ice Cream
– Gummy Bears (p.s. they don’t have orange)
– Black (Activated Charcoal) Edible Cookie Dough (honestly, my recipe is better)
– Pink Pancake Ice Cream Sandwich


Though it was wicked to dive into a pool of sprinkles, gag over all the bright colours and crazy ice cream exhibits, and spend all my money at the gift shop (I snagged the sweetest Ice Cream phone case by lolli) – the best part would have to be that I unintentionally matched the mint chocolate chip room. As in I walk into the room and became instantly camouflaged!!
I also NEED to mention that the plant troughs in that room are filled with real mint plants growing in CACAO SOIL! That’s insane!
Hopefully you get a chance to check it out! If not, then just be satisfied with the fact that I had enough fun for both me AND you!!

Final 1Final 8Final 6

Final 3
When you accidentally match the room.

Final 7Final 9

Final 2
Sprinkles for days

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