Coffee Popsicles

It’s SUMMER!! I’m overjoyed,  lazy, and HOT!

I have a quick fix!
Coffee Popsicles. Why? Well you want coffee to boost your energy, but you’d prefer it cold because you want to combat the heat. This is the perfect “healthy” treat to ease all your troubles!
The recipe is simple and versatile. I’ve even used fun tea flavours as a coffee substitute and I’ve been ecstatic with the results! Imagine watermelon lemonade combined with a rich coconut cream… you’ve got a DREAMCICLE!
Let’s get into it!

Coffee Popsicles

– coffee or tea (honestly beverage of choice)
– can of coconut cream
– maple syrup (or preferred sweetener)

If you happen to use a can of coconut cream refrigerate it overnight so that the cream solidifies and its easier to separate from the water. You could use coconut milk or even almond milk if you’d rather, but the cream is where it’s at!

Mix the maple syrup and coconut cream together. Once fully blended I like to remove some of the cream to use for layering the popsicle. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting to the bottom of the treat and all you have left is the creamy goodness! The product of just two beautiful ingredients!

Combine cream mixture with your liquid of choice and pour into your popsicle moulds. I freeze them for a bit before adding the naked cream mix to top them off and then return to completely solidify!

Now you can stop here or you can… DIP THEM IN CHOCOLATE!!!

All you need is:

Basic Chocolate Sauce

– cocoa powder
– coconut oil
– maple syrup (I never get enough!)

Combine equal parts cocoa powder and coconut oil (I honestly prefer Naked Coconuts coconut oil). Then add maple syrup to taste. You could even add some salt at this point if you like that whole salty/sweet combo.
Dip the completely frozen popsicles into your sauce and then stick them back into the freezer on a tray or quickly add some toppings. Nuts and coconut flakes add a nice chew.

There you go. Yes, it was that easy!
Go forth and enjoy your Summer!

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