5 Last Minute Gifts for a Foodie

We’ve all been there.
It’s the week
It’s the day
It’s the night before Christmas and you STILL have nothing for that special someone who has an affinity for all things edible. They’ve been an absolute treasure to you all year and you wish you give them something to show just how much you appreciate them. You’re in a panic because you have little to NO TIME and you NEED to get them the PERFECT gift.

STOP PANICKING! I’m here for you! Read on (or scroll through the images) for all the foodie gift inspiration you’ll need!

1. Famoso Sauce

Why not give the gift that keeps on giving?
Famoso has once again teamed up with Mealshare! From now until Dec. 31st when you purchase a jar of the hand-milled Campania Tomato Sauce, you will also be providing a meal to a youth in need. You can purchase a jar at any Famoso location which you can then use in any pizza, pasta, or sloppy joe (just me?) recipe!


Various Locations

2. La Glace Ice Cream

Not only do they boast the most ambrosial ice cream (which should be reason enough for you to check out La Glace), but everything about this shop is gorgeous! The decor, the hand painted murals, and especially the take home ceramic pint containers! And after you’ve consumed the heavenly insides you can repurpose the jar – giving you a two in one kind of present any frozen treat lover would be thrilled to receive!


2785 West 16th Ave.
Vancouver, BC

3. BETA5 Chocolates

In my opinion you there isn’t anyplace better in the city if you’re looking for a chocolate treat! Modernly delicious, BETA5 really goes beyond traditional chocolate to enhance your tastebud’s experience. I’d recommend you get anything and everything, but the chocolate bars are usually unique and mouth watering!

So do us all a flavour (see what I did there?) and don’t give your loved one a box of Purdy’s.


413 Industrial Ave.
Vancouver, BC

4. Rain City Olives Infused Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars

For the fancy (or adventurous) foodie in your life try a classic with a twist. With oils like Black Truffle or Garlic and vinegars like Bordeaux Cherry or Cranberry Orange you are sure to bring a yelp of appraisal not only for the product, but also for your thoughtful gifting!


Vancouver Christmas Market

5. The Pie Hole

Eggnog and Rum Pie for Christmas morning breakfast!! Amirite?!
So many sweet holiday flavours to choose from like Cranberry Meringue, Butter Pecan, and Cranberry Apple Pie. EVEN BETTER go savoury and try the Tourtière or Turkey Dinner (personal fave) for a life changing experience!


3497 Fraser St.
Vancouver, BC

Best of luck! #josheats


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